An easy way to keep inspired and motivated

I check my e-mails from my mobile phone daily, and there are many I do not care to open. Lots of it junk of course. I just recently signed up with this website called And these are actually emails I look forward to opening. You end up writing a few of your future goals in the sign up process and in turn get these inspiring e-mails sent to you. Every now and then your goals will be incorporated into the emails they send. I have been getting them for a few weeks now and even if I get just a small paragraph every 2 or 3 days, they put a smile on my face and keep me moving with my goals. I will share with you one of my favorites so far..

“Do you know what’s already happened this month, Tawny Fontana? A million Beethovens were born. A million Oprahs. A million Einsteins. A million Florence Nightingales. A million Martin Luther Kings. A and million Madam Curies, to name just a few. Each as capable of moving mountains, touching lives, and leaving the world far better than they found it.

And so you can just imagine how all of us “here” watch in anticipation to see which ones will have the courage to do whatever little they can each day, with what little they’ve got, from where they are, before their baby steps turn into giant leaps for the legions who will follow them.

It’s so in you,
The Universe”


A new perspective


It has been a long time since I posted last. I wasn’t quite sure where I wanted this blog to go, I felt I had to focus on something like travel, fashion, etc. And then I just decided I want to post on whatever I felt like and not worry about it so much. So you may find in the future this blog ends up being about a bunch of random stuff, hopefully entertaining and interesting to you.  I am going to begin by noting something interesting I wrote initially in my “about me” section. When I first wrote the post about 8 months ago I had started it off with “Without divulging too much….”. And now, 8 months later….I am sitting here wondering why I wrote that. A lot has changed in this time and my perspective on life in general has changed quite a bit. Why did I choose to start my about me with a sentence like that? and what was I scared of ? Maybe it’s the fact that with one google search someone could know so much about me within a few minutes. Or maybe I was wanting to filter myself to the rest of the world and was worried what others would think. Either way, I have since deleted that and want to be an open book.

I have recently taken some acting courses which I have wanted to do since I was a teenager. Since then, I’ve been working through this whole thing of opening up more and exposing myself even if it scares me a little. I used to dance a while ago and I loved it because I could express myself with movement. I have found that getting back into the performing arts has really given me an outlet I can use that I will be able to apply to my work as a performer and my life. I actually have to thank the universe for all the signs it gave me to lead me down this path again. It really, truly is a blessing.

So, I will wrap up this post with saying this has been a great summer in Vancouver, lots of fun times with friends, biking around the city, little work, and lots of rediscovery within myself. Good times ahead!

Brazil’s Finest – The Amazonas

After A LOT of planes and city traveling we end up in the Manaus, one of the gates to the Amazon. As soon as we got off the plane a driver from the tour company we booked with (Gero Tours) was waiting to whisk us away. From Manaus to the lodging took approximately 4 hours; car, boat, car, boat. It was well worth the trek. Our tour guide didn’t waste any time as we went on a boat tour as soon as we dropped off our bags in our room. The lodging was simple. The generator started at 630pm when it became dusk and lights were out at 10. Our day started at 7, the first trek of the day was from about 8-12, lunch, and then from about 2-5 we were out exploring again, and then dinner at 7. Anita and I both agreed that we had our best nights sleep here (even with all the strange and creepy noises at night). Getting caught in a torrential downpour on the boat wasn’t uncommon and was for the most part tons of fun. One of the coolest experiences was seeing a wall/sheet of heavy rain in front of us as our boat slowly glided toward it and we all took cover under our ponchos. The sunsets were amazing, especially when a light mist of rain accompanied it. We noticed how helpful our tour guides were and how they tried their best to make our experience memorable. They gave us insight into some of the indigenous tribes they grew up with and on some of the practices still used today such as voodoo and magic.

Continue reading Brazil’s Finest – The Amazonas

Brazil’s Finest – Salvador

Possibly some of the best food we had in Brazil was while we were in Salvador. We stayed in the historical center which was vibrant and full of culture. Shopped at one of their biggest craft markets called Mercado Modelo for art work and sculptures, and yes, we went and visit MORE beaches! We couldn’t bare to stay away from sand and ocean for more than a few days. The city was HOT and full of dancing and music everywhere we went. When we first arrived we arrived on one of 2nd biggest celebrations the city has to offer behind of carnival “Lavagem do Bonfim”. We arrived a bit late from our flight so we were not able to get into the heart of it all but from the Pousadas beautiful patio we could hear the blasting music from the streets below and see the huge crowds dancing their hearts out. Next time 😉 Continue reading Brazil’s Finest – Salvador

Brazil’s Finest – Florianopolis

A week in Florianopolis gave us beach, beach, and more beach. Sandboarding near Praia da joaquina was a ton of fun and we eventually found our way to Praia de juerere to check out the northern tip of the island (although it was a bit deserted). Accommodation was difficult to find during the high season but thankfully we bumped into a very nice brazilian man named Jose (he runs Jose Hostel) that spoke spanish and with the little bit that we knew he was able to find us a small en suite with a local family. Continue reading Brazil’s Finest – Florianopolis

Brazil’s Finest – Rio

Rio De Janiero is a city all in its own. I heard someone describe it as an animal, and I would say that fits it pretty well. The city has a jurassic feel with the surrounding mountains, the beaches are packed with tourists and locals drinking agua de coco (coconut water). Block parties during the day and Samba clubs in Lapa at night could get anyone in the mood to dance. My favorite evening of the trip was watching the sunset on Ipanemas rock. As the sun went down the crowd started to applause which was a first for me, but it was THAT beautiful, I couldnt resist it either. Then at night, the favelas surrounding the city twinkled. If I were to go back I wouldn’t miss hand gliding over Rio and maybe a favela tour to get a little more insight into the other parts of the city. Continue reading Brazil’s Finest – Rio